River City Machine 225cc Injector Modification

$1 750.00 $1 349.99

Let us modify your existing stock injectors into 225cc injectors, capable of supporting 675-725RWHP

This price is based on us modifying your existing stock injectors, we will not build them out of our cores. This also includes the price of a brand new set of 100%/150% nozzles


Each fuel injector is modified, and then tested on our state of the art Hartridge Test Flow Bench. You will receive a certified flow sheet with each injector you purchase from us.


You can opt to have incomplete sets built below, if you need a couple spares, or have a few bad modified injectors already.


***Please note, when replacing injectors in an already existing modified set, you will need to make sure your current injectors have the same injector nozzle size, and that they are built to the same displacement.


***Please Note, 225cc Injectors will require High Pressure Oil System Modifications to full utilize the added displacement of this size injector***




Last Updated: Friday, 14 December 2018 07:25