REV-X High Performance Oil Additive




What is REV-X?

REV-X is the replacement for what the oil industry has taken out of modern lubricants.

REV-X improves every characteristic of every brand of oil or lubricant.

REV-X creates a Polar Attraction causing lubricants to be drawn to the source of friction.

REV-X will not change the viscosity of any lubricant.

REV-X is activated by extreme loads and high temperatures.

REV-X increases efficiency in all gasoline and diesel engines.

REV-X reduces friction.

REV-X reduces heat.

REV-X increases protection.

REV-X formulations compatible with Engine Oils, Gear Lubes and Hydraulic Fluids.

REV-X is Dyno tested and Real world proven.

REV-X is Your Competitive Edge.

Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance diesel engines.  With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components such as Zinc, Sulfur and many more from today's diesel fuel and engine oils the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection.  REV-X performance oil additive fills that gap and then blows the previous specifications away with above and beyond performance and protection for any lubricated component in your pride and joy!

Benefits of using REV-X Performance Oil Additive in Diesel Pickups:

Increased Efficiency.
Increased Horsepower and Torque.
Greatly Improved Cold Start Operation.
Smoother Operation of all Treated Components.
Dramatic Reductions in Component Wear.
Reduced Thermal Temperatures.
Reduced Turbo Spool Times.

Whether you are looking for additional protection, efficiency or an increase in performance to make your truck run better than it did when it was new.  REV-X Performance Oil Additive IS the only real world solution.


Diesel Engines - 8 oz (Light Trucks) ,  4 oz (Cars)
High Performance and Racing Applications - (Gas) - 8 oz is recommended for maximum gains.
Gasoline Engines - 4 oz treats up to 6 quarts


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