6.0L Ford Oil Cooler Kit


2003-2007 New Genuine Ford 6.0 Liter Oil Cooler Kit with Upgraded Screen.

Kit includes oil cooler and gaskets.  Housing not included.

In august of 09' Ford Motor Company along with International came to the conclusion that with any sort of EGR cooler failure it is mandatory to replace the oil cooler as well.  Soot from the EGR cooler washes into the cooling system and plugs the fine heat exchanger located inside the cooler housing.  This causes extreme oil temperatures which in turn can cause injector failure as well as engine block and cylinder head warping.  It is also a good rule of thumb to replace the oil cooler during a cylinder head gasket job.  Engine casting sand is also known to plug this cooler.  See our line of coolant filter systems to prevent cooler failures and insure your new cooler!

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