Spek Water Methanol Injection Controller Stage-3

$1 024.03 $769.95

Spek™ Pyrometer (EGT) Water Methanol Injection controller with built in Turbo timer
The Spek™ EGT Water/Methanol Controller controls the water methanol spray pump from our 2 1/16 inch EGT controller gauge. The Spek Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge has special software to learn your onboard factory MAP or MAF sensor. The controller will deliver a programmable spray at the desired boost levels that you choose. The EGT probe will monitor the exhaust gas and will prevent the pump from turning on until the desire (EGT) temperature is reached.  The patented Wide-Angle Dial design creates the largest viewing dial ever mounted on a 2 1/16” gauge. Fit all standard ProParts® pods.   High intensity LED patented light distribution is designed for day or night driving. Programmable faceplate illumination background can be set in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple or White. Both the dial and pointer brightness are individually adjustable.  A brushless stepper motor is supplied for the accurate pointer reading of a 280 degree full sweep. Spek gauges are programmed through patented water resistant stainless steel sealed command keys located on the faceplate for demanding environments.  No control boxes or hand-held remote controls needed.  Peak playback value can be displayed. High and Low lighted alert levels can be set with programmable output signals to activate relays or to communicate to other Spek controllers. Spek™ gauges come with a plug receptacle for connecting the sender and a wiring harness.  Digital proportional output control module is supplied to monitors and control the motor. If high current or no current is detected from the motor the gauge will flash the display and turn off motor when there is motor trouble detected. Built in turbo timer output option is available to cool down the Turbo oil.  Purchase a SPEK programmable Fuel pressure gauge to turn off the Water/Methanol pump if low fuel pressure is detected for added protection.
*Brushless stepper motor with full sweep 280 degree lighted analog pointer
*7 color background setting with day and night background and pointer dimmer.
*Digital proportional motor driver with motor current monitoring protection and pump
*Built in Turbo timer with Low temperature set point
*Peak playback that will display the highest EGT reading
*Programmable High limit set point to turn on a relay or communicate to other Spek controllers.
*Patented lighting delivers one of the largest and brightest displays ever assembled on a 2 1/16 inch gauge.
*Mounts on a standard ProParts Pods, Dash Pod or #81102 universal steering column mount
*Teach and Learn software acquires factory MAP and MAF onboard sensor data without the need to install sensors
*Self diagnostics software will flash background lighting if sensor signal is lost
*Plug and Play wire harness for easy installation
*Purchase a Spek Fuel pressure gauge to turn off pump motor controller if Fuel pressure is lost
* Available in Smoked or Clear lens, Chrome or Black bezel White, Silver or Black  display

Stage-3 Kits Include:

Pyrometer Gauge
MAP Sensor
Type ''K'' Temperature Sensor
J6, J5 and J4 Wiring Harnesses
Mounting Cup (Not required for pod installation)
Weld Bushing for a 1/4'' NPTF
Bushing (1/8'', 18 NPT)
Stainless Steel Mounting Clamp Kit
Optional: Nozzle Check Valve
Arming Switch
Nozzle Assembly w/ Check Valve
Fluid Level Switch
Water Methanol Fluid Tank
6' High Pressure Tubing
Pressure Pump with Fittings
Digital Control Driver

#11870     60ML/Min nozzle
#11872     100 ML/Min nozzle
#11874     175 ML/Min nozzle
#11876     225 ML/Min nozzle
#11878     375 ML/Min nozzle
#11880     625 ML/Min nozzle
#14826  Water resistant 40 Amp relay 12inch #12 Gauge wire
#14829  Water  resistant 40 Amp relay 10 Foot #12 Gauge wire
#14820 Non-water resistant 40 Amp relay 10 foot #12 gauge wire

Part Number Key:

BCB - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

BCC - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel

BSB - Black face Plate, Smoke Lens, Black Bezel

SCB - Silver face plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

SCC - Silver face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel

WCB - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel

WCC - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel


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