PPE Heavy Duty Differential Cover

$329.99 $263.99

We know that people who love Fords, and just about everyone else, like to show off and have their Power Strokes diesels pull away from the pack, so we at PPE, have made a Ford version of our PPE Heavy Duty Rear Aluminum Differential Cover. Besides looking cool, there are benefits to these covers. Thanks to the internal heat-sink baffles and 3/4 inch external fins (the tallest on the market) your fluid will be kept cool. Speaking of fluid, due to the increases in your fluid volume that come naturally when you equip your truck with one of our covers you will have more fluid to lubricate and cool your bearings.

With more fluid to keep clean, PPE’s exclusive high powered Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug will pull metal particles right out of the oil before they have a chance to attack the bearings. Cast from aluminum alloy right here in the USA, the PPE Heavy Duty Rear Aluminum Differential Cover comes with Stainless Steel fasteners and a CMP - 4000 high performance gasket to make installation a quick and sure job.


SS Allen head fasteners
Neodymium magnet equipped fill and drain plugs
Natural finish increases heat transfer


SS Allen head mounting bolts
3/8 inch NPT SS Drain Plug
1 inch SS Magnetic sight level/fill plug with Viton O-Ring Seal
Utilizes high temperature RTV gasket material


Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 23:37