River City Diesel 5r110 Race Transmission

$8 250.00 $7 500.00

2008-2010 6.4L Powerstroke came from the factory equipped with a 5r110 Transmission. While very stout in stock form, high horsepower tunes, along with upgraded turbo/fueling upgrades find the limit when breaching the 500-550HP Mark.

The factory clutches/torque converter/hard parts just aren't capable of keeping up with the demand of higher horsepower vehicles. If your truck falls into that category, look no further, we have your solution...


Introducing the River City Diesel 5r110 Race Transmission. We have addressed all the found weak points with our build, and feel confident that it can take the abuse that you put your truck through


We start with new components on our Race Transmissions, including a new solenoid body including all new solenoids, new gaskets/seals, and a new ford updated transmission pump. Most companies don't replace the pump, but Ford has updated this part more than 5 times since these trucks were released, and there's a reason why!

We use all Alto Red Eagle Clutches in these builds, with heavier duty material, and increased clutch packs where applicable. These clutches will not fail like the factory ones do. You will notice firmer shifts with them, as they do not slip as easily as factory clutch packs.

Our builds come standard with a TCS Input Shaft, TCS Intermediate Shaft, and a TCS Low Reverse Hub.While the factory parts break & twist, these upgraded parts can handle the higher torque output of modified vehicles.

-We offer even some more upgraded parts than what our standard Race Transmission includes, if you feel you need them, please select them below!


River City Diesel Torque Converters come standard with every transmission we sell. We have spent years working with Precision Industries to dial in the exact stall speeds we like for the trucks. Every transmission will come standard with a 1700 RPM Stall converter, if you would prefer a different stall speed, please specify it below.

-When choosing a converter, please note some of the higher stall converters have a price surcharge due to needing an upgraded Steel Stator. These converters are BUILT TO ORDER, and usually not in stock due to lack of demand. Expect a 3-5 Day build time for all custom spec converters.

We offer the option to include a new transmission cooler at the time of purchase as well. We always recommend replacing them as the factory cooler can catch material that can be released at a later time and cause failure in the pump screen and/or valve body.


Our Torque Converters have a 5 year warranty through Precision, along with 1 free stall adjustment in the first 2 years. If you go to an upgraded stator or bowl, you will need to pay the difference at that time.


The number 1 killer of 5r110 transmissions is inferior tuning, causing direct clutches and transmission pumps to be burnt up. We offer a flat rate installation charge on all of our transmissions in house, with all fluid, and custom tuning via the SCT device on your vehicle. We will warranty those transmissions if a defect on workmanship is found to cause failure. We cannot warranty someone else's tuning, and all transmissions are now shipped with a waiver. You didn't cheap out on the transmission, don't cheap out on the tuning side, as it may cost you more in the long run!!!


Please allow 3-7 Business Days on all Transmissions for assembly and arrangement of shipping.


We have a 2000.00 Core charge on your transmission only, WE DO NOT NEED YOUR FACTORY TORQUE CONVERTER BACK. Our torque converters are built from 100% BRAND NEW Components, just another variable that puts us ahead of the competition!


Check out DIESEL POWER MAGAZINE's review on their personal install of our Race Transmission in their test vehicle!








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