Nitrous Express Diesel Nitrous System W/ Progressive Controller

$1 262.31 $901.65

The Maximizer 4 nitrous controller allows you to apply nitrous flow according to boost levels, RPM based delivery, Time based, MPH (Miles Per Hour), and Throttle percentage progression. Infinitely adjustable power levels make the NXD system the most advanced, safest diesel power booster on the planet. The NXD1000 works on all Turbo diesel applications.

Comes with a 15200L nitrous solenoid (.093 orifice)


Easy To Install
Dual Stage Progressive Nitrous Delivery
Based On Boost, Time, Throttle Percent or Speed
Clean Safe Power
No Black Smoke!
Dramatic Reduction Of Exhaust Temps
Dual Stage Power Levels
Lightning 45 Bottle Valve
Made In U.S.A

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2018 11:26